scoops || puffy sleeves


My recent weekends have been spent in LA & all the food explorations are giving me a good stockpile of fodder for V&V.

After a fun dinner of Korean food & conversation with friends, we headed to a very delicious ice cream shop called Scoops.
According to a friend, "it's an ice cream place where
the guy makes whatever flavors he likes for the day".
Despite not really liking sweets, it sounded like perfection to me.

8 driving minutes, one cut-off incident (WE don't think we did), and a couple tastings later (one flavor i was surprised i liked was goat cheese & lavender), we settled on a 4 scoop $4.95 bowl of:

almond tiramisu
malt & honey (my fav of the batch)
guinness chocolate
salty caramel (not as good as Bi-Rite's salted caramel, my ultimate fav)

More good conversation. Happy tummies.


H&M cardigan, Diesel matics, white F21 tank, Tiffany's key necklace

I'm a pretty lazy dresser & I think Dan would agree - I love wearing white tanks (whatever is still bright white), jeans (Diesel-specific), and flip flops (Rainbows).
Because of this, I love the convenience of layering I can get from cardigans.
It's what I love to wear plus something else on top to keep me warmer.

I saw this one at H&M back in September while I was in Chicago and regrettably, didn't purchase.
I loved the puffy sleeves and the small specks of color. At $39.95, it's not bad.

Lucky...or plucky...I dug the cardigan out of a rack & purchased immediately.
It's very cute with a pencil skirt & heels at work too.

neither vittles nor vesture

Happy Birthday to Issarocks at wewearthings!!


  1. goat cheese and lavendar sounds really good actually