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I usually get ragged on pretty badly at work for eating frozen dinners (Lean Cuisine, Healthy Choice, Smart Ones, Kashi) but I "love" them!

I get to save money (they're about $2 each - beats spending $5 on a crappy sandwich), eat at my desk while I'm working (I used to cycle or shop during lunch), control my calorie intake.

BUT, the portion sizes are usually small, the food isn't fresh, and they're usually high in sodium.

Today's entree: Healthy Choice Bacon & Smokey Cheddar Chicken (btw...why do I not see the Lobster Cheese Ravioli one at the grocery store??) with a pack of Green Giant Healthy Weight veggies.

Oh yea, and about work? There's currently a weight loss contest going on right now (I'm not participating) and guess who I see eating these things? All of those fools.


It's a rainy, 50 degree day in the-city-that-I'm-soon-to-be-leaving.

The inhabitants of the-city-that-I'm-soon-to-be-leaving tends to view Uggs as superfluous & ridiculous fashion and probably associated with the once-Juicy-jumpsuit-Ugg-wearing inhabitants of the-city-that-I'm-soon-to-be-moving-to.

Thus, wearing them to work (I change into heels in my cube), especially with work clothes, usually elicits guffaws and disdainful "eww, Uggs".

Shrugs. I love them - they keep my feet warm in -4 degree weather while the rest of my body freezes, they don't pinch, and they're easy to slip in & out of in the airport security line (the proper way to travel, per George Clooney's character in "Up in the Air").
I would totally buy another pair** in chocolate -hrmmmmm.

*I am beginning to notice a trend in getting made fun of at work
**If you're thinking of getting a pair, you can try getting them at Shoes.com. It's usually free shipping, not taxed (at least in TX), and Ebates.com has an 8% cashback!

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