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So I have been MIA.

It probably wasn't smart to start a blog right before a big move but I was done transitioning at work and was bored.

While I have been eating (lots!) & covering myself, here are some hinderances to the updates (not that one should care) :

- mbp still won't recognize my Canon! Now the problem includes my Nikon as well. Big blumber!
aside: mbp won't allow me to update my iPhone either - something wrong with the memory so I forsee a big backup & restore

- I'm still getting used to life in LA!
Spending about 2 hours max in traffic each day takes away a lot of free time.
I've also been hitting the gym about 6 days a week (yet I am gaining weight? please let it be muscle weight & not all the food I've been eating)


Since I've been hitting the gym so often, my usual attire is either business-y work clothes (will post on that) or working out clothes (will post on that).


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